Bruce A @ 189: Remaining a Murdoch rag, they omitted lines like -"[I will never eliminate the Joker because] I don't want to be that which I hate."- (Hardly stunning; inquiring even the pre-Murdoch WSJ to have a conscience was somewhat like asking a T rex to think about vegetarianism.)

Just in the last handful of times you will find been some a media flap in Australia about "triple-0 taxis". Apparently pensioners, who Never get billed for their ambulance rides, are contacting in with chest pains and so on, Driving the ambulance in to the clinic, then telling the paramedics they sense far better now and coming out the door to obtain their groceries in the browsing district just in excess of the road within the medical center.

The Epistles also have a couple of passages indicating the wrongness of particular conditions of polygamy. Romans 7:3 states that a lady marrying Yet another man while her partner life commits adultery, and passages in Timothy and Titus cite being a "husband of one spouse" as among the list of techniques a church leader needs to be "over reproach".

Possessing the animal suitable there inside the flesh can at times get people today to adopt a lot more than some text ad with a nevertheless Image on craigs list.

If you're going to Denvention and Imagine you may be dropping by that Friday evening, remember to depart a Observe right here on Serge's LJ (you could remark w/out a LJ account), so that neither far too much or also minor mammoth is ordered. You can also e-mail me specifically.

And like W, Batman understands that there's no moral equivalence involving a totally free society -- in which people from time to time make the wrong decisions -- and also a felony sect bent on destruction. The previous has to be cherished even in its times of folly; the latter have to be hounded on the gates of Hell.

I, lacking her terribly, removed completely the monitor with the window she'd squirmed her way out, and proceeded to invest each spare second for 2 months camped by that window, feeding limitless plates of sardines and tuna for the feral colony and read more each stray for a number of blocks in any direction.

Edward, #125, in Virginia, thieving a cat is actually a felony, Which is the reason Whilst I had been the one particular who manufactured buddies with Smudge* (who Animal Command couldn't capture), he had to go throughout the shelter before I could retain him. His persons had afraid him to items -- he'd by no means been vaccinated or neutered, he had cigarette scars on him, and he ongoing to be afraid of Everyone but me.

Obviously, he stood up once again immediately, but that instant of habitual obedience gave me enough time I required to get in grabbing variety.

Serge, claimed musical amuse bouche continues to be one of several few-and-considerably-involving times of aid from sheer ickiness this earlier week. That plus the live action Model of your xkcd reworking of the invention Channel growth di yada ad, and the hummingbirds going to Crocosmia "Lucifer" outdoors the patio slider.

There was a segment on NPR about that development every week or two back... as challenging as that condition is, it beats many of the options.

Worse: sometimes retaining The key is the sole safety gay kids have. They don't occur out until They are no cost of their psycho-loonie parentals. Picture if the mothers and fathers understood from working day just one? I need to halt thinking of this. It's so Awful that It really is basically producing me Ill.

Joel Polowin@57: We've not had a fully canonical explanation for that wings. We've seen versions of the home Sturmvoraus sigil with and without it, and Phil Foglio has explained that the Edition with no would be the more mature just one.

(Obviously, there may be other troubles as you get to the emergency expert services range, but which is out on the scope of this discussion.)

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